Hit Down, Hit Down, Hit Down!

Hit Down is the most popular mantra in golf instruction today. It’s right there with forward shaft lean, in fact we use it but to most golfers it’s not entirely accurate. When we first learned that we should be hitting down, it actually caused us to hit the ball – FATTER!

Plenty of our customers have reported chipping or damaging their Fat Free Golf Swing Trainer because they hit the back edge of the product. With the ball in the center position of the Fat Free Golf Swing Trainer, the back edge is five inches behind the ball. That’s a FAT SHOT!

To emphasize the true meaning of hitting down and describing the way the golf club head interacts with the golf ball, we use the image of a ninja swinging a sword. This is because we always wanted to be ninjas. So, take a look at this picture :

Swing plane guide for ninjas & golfers

Human target showing Hit Down swing plane lines

If you were standing in front of this target with a ninja sword and was told to hit down and strike the blue ball, you see you have a variety of paths. In this image, the blue ball is our forward aiming point and the human figure is the golf ball. The location of the blue ball is where the golf club head will impact the ground and create a divot.

Hitting down is different than chopping down. That’s what happens if you use the yellow line. You can still hit the blue ball, but at that angle you will dig into the turf after contact. It may stop you from completing your follow-thru. If you finish your swing and oil comes out of your divot, you probably used this angle. Let’s flatten it out.

Hitting down and striking the blue ball by following the aqua blue line is good. It’s just not ideal unless you’re in heavy rough. The best way to hit down is to use the dark green line at the bottom. The dark green line provides the shallowest angle of attack and as a result you will take shallow divots. If you can place a US dollar bill into your divot, it’s considered perfect. The Fat Free Golf Swing Trainer uses forward aiming point technology to help you learn to hit the golf ball with an attack angle similar to the dark green line.

The truth is – as long as the ball is on the ground, you will hit down. Place your Fat Free Golf Swing Trainer on the ground and address it without a ball. Now take ten or twenty chipping strokes hitting the coin that serves as the forward aiming point. Then use this stroke with a golf ball and enjoy the feeling of clean contact and perfect ball striking at impact. You have reached nirvana when you can see the golf ball’s logo spinning backwards in slow motion as it leaves the club head. Trust us – it happens!

Practice hitting the penny until you understand it. Practice hitting the penny and golf ball until you can do it. Practice hitting the penny and golf ball until you trust it. Once you trust it, you can do it with confidence and you want to swing the golf club with confidence. Hit that 100 yard wedge shot over water to 18 inches and thank the Fat Free Golf Swing Trainer later.

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